About Us

Rebellion Kettlebell is a group fitness gym.

Helping everyday people achieve extraordinary results with one simple tool: the kettlebell. It is so unique because it’s off-center mass forces your body to work in ways that mimic day to day activities. Everything becomes easier as you train with kettlebells. They aid in fat loss and add lean muscle to your body. They sculpt your core with every movement. A strong core helps us to avoid injury.

Not only are kettlebells unique, our community is too! Members that stay for years, not months. We are a gym family. Friendships are made here. We care about you and your results. We will know your name and we will always greet you with a smile. You will come for the results, you will stay for the community!

Rebellion Staff

Christina Schultz, Instructor/Owner

Jessica Lach, Instructor

Julie Meyer, Instructor

Michelle Mejdrich, Instructor

Jen Turriff, Instructor