Workout smarter, not harder!

Our kettlebell workouts are: EFFECTIVE – full body movements work all muscle groups. EFFICIENT – strength, cardio, and core ALL at the same time! EXCITING – lots of variety so you don’t get bored! For EVERYONE – people of ALL ages benefit from strength training! Muscle looks good on everyone! Move better, feel stronger, live longer!

New member trial: $49 for 30 days!


Expert Trainers

Our coaches will push and motivate you through class while meeting you where you are. They will provide modifications and tips to make sure you get the most out of every workout.


Community Support

There is so much amazing energy in our group workouts! You will be surrounded by supportive, inspirational people who are just like you.


Functional Fitness

Every kettlebell exercise is secretly a core exercise. A strong core is the key to functional movement and helps you to avoid injury both in the gym and out of it.

What We Do

Strength Training

At Rebellion, we use classic strength movements, like weighted squats, deadlifts, or presses to tighten and tone your body.

Group Kettlebell

We use classic kettlebell sport movements like swings, cleans, jerks, and snatches to get you strength, cardio, and core all at once.

We are Rebellion

We believe that muscle looks good on everyone. We believe you can be fit and functional at any age. We believe that dieting doesn’t work…you need to fuel your body, not starve it. We are rebels, fighting against the exercise and weight loss BS we have been fed for years. Are you a rebel? Time to find out!

What People Are Saying

"This gym is the best! The workouts are fresh, fun and challenging. The coaches are encouraging and are always watching to make sure your form is on point. And the friendly community of people working out alongside me keeps me coming back every day! Check it out!"
-Sarah S.
"Hate working out? Me too. But actually not anymore because Rebellion is legit!! I’ve literally never had a better gym experience. Every day is a fresh, new workout. Every day is a learning experience. Every day is a challenge! But in a good way!! From the owner to the coaches, and even your classmates, you’ll feel supported and encouraged all the way. I’m so happy to be part of the Rebellion fam!"
"I started going to Rebellion Kettlebell Gym in 2013 to get in shape using a unique workout tool. I was surprised how much more it is! I have strengthened my body, mind and spirit. As well as finding what I call my extended Gym Framily. The trainers are knowledgeable and in-tune with members' individual goals and needs. Over the years, I have had great training even when my body was struggling in areas. I have always been given modifications that allow me to have a great workout while healing. A+++"
-Brian D.